HR Value Scan

With the help of the HR value Scan, we have put ourselves back to the top of the line as an HR team. Goals clear, process clear, responsibilities clear. Thank you Marike and Elly, you were top notch!

Juliette Olman, Manager HR&D at Consolid (2019)

Interim HR Manager for the International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific Global Centre in Singapore

‘Marike is an HR expert who adds the ‘human’ back into HR. It is reassuring to observe positive interactions with both staff and senior leaders and know that even the most difficult tasks are being undertaken in a seemingly effortless way. Only a seasoned professional with a positive outlook such as Marike can achieve such results.’

Daniel Benham, Chief Financial Officer (2014)

Head of HR EMEA and International HR Transition Manager at the International Baccalaureate, Switzerland and The Netherlands

    ‘Marike has been instrumental to the successful re-structuring efforts the IB has made in Europe. She successfully managed the transition affecting three offices; two that were being downsized and the third was opening our new global centre in Europe. She did a remarkable job and I’m not sure how we ever could have done it without her. She’s a highly competent HR professional that thrives on challenge… and delivers!’

Jeffrey R. Beard, Director General International Baccalaureate (2012)

 ‘I have worked with Marike Balster since early 2010 when she joined the IB as the Head of HR at our new global centre in The Hague. As the global centre manager I work with Marike on a daily basis overseeing recruitment and retention of my own division – the Academic Division of the IB – and the welfare of the staff and smooth running of the global centre. Marike was instrumental in the successful relocation of the IB’s Academic Division from Cardiff in the UK to The Hague.

It has been a real pleasure working with Marike. She is a consummate professional in her management of HR issues, in the way she works with staff and in the support she provides to the senior leaders in the office. She is knowledgeable and uses her knowledge wisely, never fearing to temper the application of rules with common sense. I have found her to be someone I can go to for advice, guidance and support. She has been a true partner to me in my role as a senior leader of the IB organization and one I have come to value very highly.’

Judith Fabian, Chief Academic Officer and Global Centre Manager EMEA International Baccalaureate (2012)

Project Manager Insourcing and Interim HR Country Manager at AT&T in The Netherlands

‘I have worked with Marike during the last 6 months and it has been a pleasure to have her as part of the international HR team. Marike has a unique blend of business and HR expertise coupled with excellent project and programme management skills and brings energy, drive and commitment to all that she does. At AT&T Marike was the lead HR expert in a major transition with IBM and managed each of the steps of the project from solution development to employee commencement at AT&T.

Marike was able to manage this project successfully whilst at the same time supporting a major transition with Royal Dutch Shell along side managing the day to day HR activities and team in the Netherlands. I recommend Marike without hesitation as a Senior HR practioner with the ability to quickly understand the challenges of a global business and the ability to deliver in a professional manner and on time.’

Wayne Acquah, Regional HR Manager AT&T (UK) (2008)

‘Marike played a significant role in a major insourcing process with IBM. She brought structure and focus into the process and delivered the project within the prescribed timelines and to a high quality. Marike’s combination of business acumen and people management skills allows her to practically and pragmatically manage projects whilst keeping her eye on the big picture. Marike is extremely hardworking and diligent and has a good sense of humour. I have every confidence that these attributes will serve Marike well in future assignments.’

Fabrice De Windt, Country Manager AT&T in The Netherlands (2008)

Head of HR International at Rabobank in The Netherlands

‘During almost two years, Marike acted as a  highly valued and pro-active member of the Management Team of Rabobank’s Wholesale, Rural and Retail activities and sparring parther of three Executive Board members covering all important HR topics and the implementation thereof.’

Rabobank Executives (2016)

HR Director Vehicle Refinishes a.i. for AkzoNobel Performance Coatings in The Netherlands (2014)

‘Marike is a top professional, hard-working, committed and professional, she has a good sense of business. She came into our lives at a time of great change and rapidly assimilated the tasks and knowledge required to help us on our change journey! A star…’

Simon Parker, Managing Director Vehicle Refinishes (2014)

HR Programme Manager Compensation & Benefits at ING Netherlands

‘For the last 6 months Marike has played an pivotal role in building our vision on future employment conditions. Always a complete professional, she has coordinated the project and dealt with our highly complex agenda. She has enabled us to formulate the future plan while being able to engage the stakeholders and judge the market trends. It was a pleasure to work with Marike on this complex project and I wish her all the best for the future.’

Marijke Brunklaus, General Manager HR ING Netherlands (2013)

Interim Head HR Consulting at Rabobank Nederland

‘During the six months Marike worked as interim head of HR Consulting for Rabobank Nederland, we have come to know her as an energetic manager who equally valued the oganisation and its employees, who displayed a clear focus on the organisational goals and aimed at concrete results. She gained a quick understanding of the complex cooperative organisation the Rabobank is and soon moved to developing concrete actions.

Marike is a keen manager at both strategic and tactical levels, who can also apply a pragmatic approach to achieving results. Marike is a matter-of-fact person, makes people feel accountable and is a clear communicator – what you see is what you get. Her energy and enthusiasm have a stimulating effect, not only on her immediate colleagues, but also on the people in her team. We enjoyed working with Marike and greatly appreciate the contribution she has made.’

Gerlinde Silvis, General Manager Human Resources Rabobank (2009)

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