Rainmen – the breakthrough company

In September 2017, I joined Rainmen – the breakthrough company. Rainmen is an organisation of independent professionals, the approach of which is based on the accountability principle.

Organisations need to respond to changing market circumstances continuously, dealing with external pressure with flexibility and agility. Long change processes lack the necessary sense of urgency. Getting things moving in a short period of time and retaining momentum is the effective way. Continuous interaction between behaviour and result.


According to the Rainmen philosophy, chances of success will improve considerably when you make people accountable for their own behaviour and for the way in which they mutually collaborate. Accountable people are prepared and have the capability and courage to change their attitude and behaviour – with a strong focus on the result, the core principle of Rainmen.

Rainmen helps to put things in motion. We help people and teams break out of processes that impede progress, and we reveal what really matters. We help to create an environment in which people can count on each other and do what needs to be done to achieve the intended results.

I apply this accountability approach in my jobs, adding my insights gained from the corporate anthropology training I have recently completed.

When do you call me in?

You call me in for a temporary position or project if you want to make progress and achieve results in a short period of time, for instance in an (international) interim (HR) management or change management scenario or if a business consultant is required for a specific Rainmen job.

Read more about Rainmen and the ideas of founder Mark Samuel.


Feel free to make an appointment with me if you want to know more about Rainmen and what I can do for you