You started with a lot of enthusiasm in your new job as HR boss. You think it is important to set up a new HR strategy. One that results from the organizational objectives. You have spoken to the entire MT and you have also gone deeper into the organization. You have spoken to people in the workplace and have gained a good view of what is going on in the organization. You know the Works Council. You’ve also got to know your HR team better, involved people who are highly valued in the organization.

Perhaps you have done a lot more, the result is at least: An HR strategy! It’s compatible with everyone, and the MT agrees.

Now there are not so many line managers who are really excited about an HR strategy. They are especially waiting for what HR is going to do and what it will deliver to them. So the question is: How do you get from strategy to execution? An HR strategy is important, but it doesn’t get your team moving right away. Because where do you start? What is really a priority? And how do you make sure that visible – and lasting – results are achieved?

HR priorities are often determined based on what HR thinks is right. That is certainly important. But why not start with the urgency felt by line managers and employees? What’s coming to them? What are their departmental priorities? New legislation, tight labor market, new competitiveness, another political wind, international competitive, outdated technology, from family culture to market culture, building a team. Just name it.

Based on this, you will determine the HR priorities: The 3 to 5 projects or topics that HR – within the HR strategy – will really focus on in the coming year. HR projects that will help line managers achieve their goals and that are clear and achievable. Because nothing worse than setting goals while the team is thinking ‘we’re not going to achieve them’. Think about what you’re going to start with tomorrow. Then the team gets moving and it is equally visible in the organization that HR is making steps.

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