I get things moving. I encourage, convince and help people to move into action and take responsibility. This gives me most satisfaction, and I believe it yields the best result.

We do it together, we work hard and have fun together. Together we will make it happen – this is what I am going for.


Ever since I was a child, I have been all for doing things yourself, managing for yourself. I try to inspire this in the people I work with, I encourage them to come up with their own ideas, to develop their own vision and make their own choices.

I like to look at things more deeply: why are they happening the way they are? My corporate anthropology training comes in handy. I believe in good dialogue and exemplary behaviour. I like things to be in motion.

Freedom that is not without obligations. Making people really accountable and having them operate productively – this is the crux for me. At Rainmen, I found the approach that suits me perfectly.


I entered the HR profession from a wide interest in people in organisations, and in how this leads to a certain result. Since 2007, I have been working internationally in interim HR jobs and on HR projects. I am focusing more and more on wider business issues, particularly on the human and behavioural aspects. In September 2017, I joined Rainmen Group.

Rainmen works on the basis of the accountability principle, and I apply this in my jobs as well. I help create an environment in which people can count on each other and do what needs to be done to achieve the intended results.

You call me in for a temporary position or project if you want to make progress and achieve results in a short period of time, for instance in an interim (HR) management or change management scenario or if a business consultant is required for a specific Rainmen job. I thrive in an international setting. There is a wide range of possibilities, but together we decide about the desired outcome – an outcome that will be invariably concrete.

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