I get things moving. I encourage, convince and help people to move into action and take responsibility. This gives me most satisfaction, and I believe it yields the best result.

We do it together, we work hard and have fun together. Together we will make it happen – this is what I am going for.

Ever since I was a child, I have been all for doing things yourself, managing for yourself. I try to inspire this in the people I work with, I encourage them to come up with their own ideas, to develop their own vision and make their own choices.

I like to look at things more deeply: why are they happening the way they are? My corporate anthropology training comes in handy. I believe in good dialogue and exemplary behaviour. I like things to be in motion.

Freedom that is not without obligations. Making people really accountable and having them operate productively – this is the crux for me.


I am a seasoned HR interim/project/change manager with a great deal of experience in all HR domains. A solid sparring partner for ambitious directors and HR managers who want to strengthen HR’s role and position. I have worked for several companies, from international corporates to not-for-profit. At all levels, from middle management to boardroom, in the Netherlands, UK, Geneva, Singapore.

I have a wide interest in people in organisations and in how this leads to a certain result. I look at HR from the wider context of the organisation. I make sure HR sets the real priorities and thus makes an even better contribution to the development of the organisation. This always goes hand in hand with the development of (cross-team) organisational cooperation needed for succes. 

You hire me for managing a project, a temporary replacement, supervising a reorganisation, or as a business coach. There is a wide range of possibilities, but together we decide about the desired outcome – an outcome that will be invariably concrete.

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